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Cinematic Brilliance: Empowering Filmmakers at Family Inc.

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July 2023
COO & Co Founder, Family Inc.
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About Family, Inc.
Family Inc., is a dynamic pop culture film company on a mission to establish itself as a global space for cinematic excellence.

With a vision deeply rooted in pop culture, Family Inc. aims to create an inclusive platform where fast-rising filmmakers can come together, share their talents, and collectively shape the future of the film industry.
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Streamlining Accountability and Goal Clarity: Beam's Impact at Family Inc.

In the initial stages at Family Inc., employee engagement, accountability, and clarity of objectives were primarily managed through frequent meetings, often resulting in time-consuming discussions involving multiple individuals.

Deniyi Mayowa, COO and Co-Founder at shares;

"We would have a bunch of meetings. Every time we felt like something was not working right, we call up a meeting. It cost us maybe two to three meetings in a week.

However, with Beam, the process has become more streamlined and effective. Deniyi highlights the importance of check-ins in relation to goals and objectives, allowing managers to quickly assess if employees are making meaningful contributions or simply engaging in activities. Beam has eliminated the need for multiple meetings and provided a structure to address performance issues directly.

“Now it's more streamlined and effective because once I see the check-ins and in relation to what your goals and your objectives are, I know if you are doing anything that is contributing to you achieving your goals or if you are just forming activity…And before we get to that point where it becomes dangerous, issues are already addressed and it cuts out multiple meetings and conversations because sometimes you might just need to address the person directly."

-Deniyi Mayowa, COO and Co-Founder at

Before Beam, Family Inc. had long-term goals but lacked short-term goals that could contribute to their achievement. Beam introduced the concept of OKRs (Objectives and Key Results), enabling Family Inc. to break down goals into short-term milestones. Check-ins and goal-oriented tracking have allowed for more streamlined and effective communication. The system now enables Deniyi to assess whether employees' activities align with their goals, eliminating unnecessary meetings and providing a direct channel for addressing performance concerns.

The utilization of Google Docs as a documentation tool lacked seamless collaboration and real-time progress tracking. However, the shift from Google Docs to Beam has transformed documentation from a report-like approach to a comprehensive tracking system. The periodic progress reports and step-by-step monitoring provided by Beam have increased transparency, eliminated dictatorship-like tendencies, and fostered a more inclusive and goal-oriented work environment while ensuring that the entire team remains aware of goals and progress.

"It feels like there's more clarity to the gameplan than before…It is easier to contain a lot of errors and a lot of mistakes compared to before Beam, where you realize those things at the end of the process

-Deniyi Mayowa, COO and Co-Founder at

Beam's implementation has enhanced clarity, accountability, and reduced errors, fostering a more efficient and effective work environment at Family Inc.

Work Processes and Accountability: The Value of Check-ins at Family Inc.

"I think what I found most valuable would be check-ins. Before Beam, I was really dependent on just whatever is being told to me that has been done. Now you can actually tell if this person is actually doing what is important to work."

Deniyi highlights the significance of check-ins as a crucial tool for tracking progress and ensuring accountability. Previously, it was challenging to determine if team members were genuinely completing their assigned tasks, as their updates relied solely on verbal communication. However, with the introduction of check-ins, Deniyi can now assess the status of various project milestones, such as the progress in the editing process.

The transparency provided by check-ins facilitates effective communication and eliminates ambiguity in the team's workflow.

With check-in records as evidence, Deniyi can address discrepancies or inconsistencies in team members' reported progress. Check-ins have also helped to identify areas of improvement and performance gaps within the team. By analyzing the level of engagement and contributions reflected in check-ins, Family Inc. can distinguish active and dedicated team members from those who may be less proactive or merely fulfilling minimum requirements.

"It was able to help us fish out like people that are actually active and functioning on the team and people that are just occupying space."

Through Beam's status updates and progress reports, they were able to identify that the social media manager was unable to drive interaction or attention to the page during periods without active content promotion. This realization led to a critical decision-making process to determine whether the issue stemmed from personnel or strategy. Previously, the team relied on subjective observations without concrete metrics to assess social media growth. However, with Beam's insights, they noticed a stagnation in growth after three months. This prompted them to investigate the issue further using Beam.

"It brought us to a place where we had to first identify what the issue was and then take some steps to see if this is a personnel issue or a strategy issue. And thanks to Beam and the update of the status and progress, we were able to identify all of that."

The implementation of check-ins through Beam has revolutionized work processes at Family Inc., promoting transparency and accountability, uncovering performance challenges, and providing transparency to build a more efficient and productive team environment.

Transforming Management and Managerial Accountability with Beam

Deniyi shares that Beam has heightened his awareness of goals and provided him with a clear understanding of the time remaining to achieve them.

In certain instances, when you observe there are only 58 days left to achieve your goal - depending on what the timeline for your goals are - the realisation keeps you on your toes knowing the distance you still need to cover.

The weekly check-ins serve as a constant reminder and motivate him to take strategic actions to ensure productivity and progress towards goals.

As a manager, Beam has also helped Deniyi identify weak links within the team and facilitate communication and support to enhance their effectiveness. Deniyi acknowledges the initial challenges of team adoption, but through educational resources, the team embraced Beam and its benefits. The psychological impact of Beam has created a sense of consciousness among team members, leading to improved transparency and accountability.

Because when we have meetings at the end of the quota and we are reviewing everyone's goals, it just makes what the team is aiming for clear.

Beam has changed the way Deniyi’s team approaches work, focusing on more meaningful and goal-oriented activities rather than scattered efforts. The absence of similar accountability tools in previous workplaces has further highlighted the significance of Beam in maximizing productivity and achieving desired results.

Driving Business Growth and Maximizing Opportunities: The Impact of Beam at Family Inc.

Beam has had on the overall business performance and results by helping the organization differentiate between long-term goals and shorter-term objectives, leading to a clearer understanding of progress towards their overarching goals. By breaking down goals into manageable chunks, Deniyi and his team can focus on specific targets and align their efforts accordingly. Beam has also shed light on areas where the organization excels and areas that require improvement.

Deniyi mentions how the use of Beam has exposed a dependence on sales and highlighted the need for a proactive approach to seeking opportunities.

It showed us that we were working in a very dependent manner, and lacking the awareness or the consciousness that we have to actually go out and seek out opportunities that were not necessarily available.”

The newfound awareness of financial numbers and growth frequencies has enabled Family Inc. to strategically plan and maximize the potential of their markets. Overall, Beam has played a crucial role in driving business growth and fostering a proactive mindset within the organization.

Key Takeaway

The implementation of Beam at Family Inc. has brought about significant positive changes to the organization's operations and overall business performance. Deniyi, the co-founder, emphasizes the transformative impact of Beam in streamlining work processes, enhancing accountability, and fostering a culture of transparency.

The ability to track progress through check-ins has empowered Deniyi as a manager to ensure alignment with goals and objectives, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency within the team. Furthermore, Beam has revealed areas of strength and areas that require improvement, enabling Family Inc. to make informed decisions and strategically focus their efforts.

Beam has played a pivotal role in driving Family Inc.’s growth, enhancing performance, and positioning the brand as a thriving player in the pop culture film industry.

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