Powerful Teams Start Here: Beam's 3 Steps to Transformative Team Engagement

Elevate team engagement with Beam's transformative 3-step approach. Align goals, establish accountability, and foster continuous improvement for remarkable results.

Leveraging Beam's Tools for Insightful OKR and Monthly Business Reviews

Discover how Beam's tools can transform your OKR and monthly business reviews for strategic success and data-driven decision-making.
Leadership Development

How to Give Feedback That Works: Strategies and Examples

Navigate check-in conversations confidently and professionally by learning the principles of effective feedback.
illustration of employees around a table
People Management

How to Set Organisational values for Praise and Feedback

Learn how to create a more engaged, accountable, and values-driven workforce, ultimately contributing to long-term success.
People Management

How to use Real-time Feedback to Improve Work Culture

How to use feedback to help employees grow and develop.
People Management

Optimize Employee Performance with One-on-One Feedback Sessions

Learn how to use One-on-one meetings for providing feedback and evaluating performance. 
Illustration of employees in a meeting
People Management

Setting up One-on-One Meeting Agenda & Sample questions.

Ten best one-on-one meeting questions to foster meaningful discussions and boost productivity.
People Management

The Check-In Review Checklist

Learn how a structured approach can make check-ins more effective.
People Management

How to recognise and address employee engagement levels with Beam’s Check-ins

Learn to use data to effectively recognise and address employee engagement levels and take actionable steps. 
People Management

Setup Check-in questions for sourcing learning opportunities

Learn how these strategic questions help identify learning opportunities for your team, leading to personal and collective growth.
People Management

Structuring Weekly Check-ins to Enhance Employee Engagement

Unlock the power of weekly check-ins to enhance employee engagement, improve communication, and boost productivity.

Data-Driven Decision-Making with Goals and OKRs in Beam

How to leverage Goals and OKRs to enhance your decision-making process.

How to use KPIs & OKRs in Goal Setting

Learn how to use OKRs and KPIs goal-setting frameworks to align teams and measure success.
Beam-series of dominoes, lined up in a row
People Management

Nurture a High-Performance Culture through Cascading CRs

A powerful tool for aligning goals, empowering employees, and creating a high-performance culture.
People Management

How To Use Goal Alignment To Improve Org. Clarity and Execution

Learn how to use goal alignment for clarity and purpose, leading to improved performance.

Beginner's Guide to Writing OKRs (Using Miro & Beam)

A guide to writing OKRs and using OKR tracking software with Miro and Beam.

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