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Team Empowerment

Strategies to Support Gen Z's Mental Health in the Workplace

Supporting Gen Z mental health at work? Learn how to build a thriving workplace with effective strategies, resources, and tips for long-term well-being.

Top Meeting Summary Templates and Tools [with Examples]

Explore a range of adaptable meeting templates that can be customised to suit various meeting sizes and purposes, enabling more structured, productive, and successful discussions.
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People Management

Understanding The Stop, Start and Continue Feedback Framework +10 Examples

This feedback framework helps teams continue positive actions and implement helpful new behaviours.
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Team Empowerment

50 Engaging Questions of the Day for Work (and How to Use Them)

Boost team engagement with 50 thought-provoking daily questions for work. Enhance communication and culture.
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Team Empowerment

20 Questions to Discover Your Coworkers' Quirks & Passions

Discover 20 engaging questions to uncover your coworkers' unique quirks, hidden talents, and passions, fostering stronger workplace connections.
A group of four people are engaged in an agile meeting around a table.
People Management

The Agile Meeting Cadence You Need

Learn how to make your meetings more productive and efficient with a well-crafted cadence that fosters collaboration and continuous improvement.
Illustration of Interconnected digital devices and tools in a complex network.

How Workflow Management Empowers Small Business Managers

Discover how workflow management empowers small business managers to boost productivity, streamline processes, and achieve business success.
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Crafting Effective Self-Evaluation Across Different Roles

Explore practical self-evaluation examples tailored to various professional roles. These will guide you towards effective self-assessment and empower your career growth.
People Management

15 Powerful Questions to Ask in Your Next One-on-One Meeting

Enhance your one-on-one meetings with 15 powerful questions that foster open dialogue, gain insights, and boost employee engagement and productivity.

Best Practices for Leading Effective and Engaging on One Meetings

Master the art of effective one-on-one meetings with insights on active listening, decisive decision-making, and fostering meaningful connections with your team.

Digital Facilitation Tools and Techniques for Effective Meetings

Discover effective digital facilitation tools and techniques for seamless remote collaboration, interactive meetings, and data-driven decision-making in virtual environments.

The Different Types of Operations Meetings and When to Use Them

Explore the types of operations meetings, their purposes, formats, and when to use them to streamline your organisation's processes and goals
People Management

5 Meeting Analytics Metrics That Every Team Should Track

Discover the five essential meeting analytics metrics every team should track to optimise collaboration, boost productivity, and drive better outcomes.

Powerful Teams Start Here: Beam's 3 Steps to Transformative Team Engagement

Elevate team engagement with Beam's transformative 3-step approach. Align goals, establish accountability, and foster continuous improvement for remarkable results.

Leveraging Beam's Tools for Insightful OKR and Monthly Business Reviews

Discover how Beam's tools can transform your OKR and monthly business reviews for strategic success and data-driven decision-making.