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Tailoring Potential: Fashion Excellence with Beam at TwentySix

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July 2023
About Twentysix
TwentySix is a fashion brand that caters to individuals seeking practical, simple, and stylish clothing. With a focus on thoughtful design, meticulous attention to detail, and a curated selection of fabrics,

TwentySix empowers people to embrace their everyday journeys while looking and feeling their best. The brand's commitment to effortless style ensures that individuals are never restricted by passing fashion trends.
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Transforming Tracking and Tools: From Google Sheets to Beam's Precision

Before implementing Beam, TwentySix had an informal approach to employee engagement, accountability, and productivity. The review process was primarily conducted by Desola, the founder, who would have conversations with the production manager on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, particularly when changes or issues were noticed. They would address performance changes or quality control concerns only when an alarm was raised, and there was no system in place for consistent tracking without customer complaints.

"We never had a system where we're constantly tracking things with or without a complaint. It was only when there's an alarm raised, then we address it, and it was usually very informal."

- Adesola, the founder of TwentySix

The TwentySix team relied on Google Sheets as their primary tool for managing reports on deliveries, complaints, orders, and sales. However, with the implementation of Beam, they realized the need for a more comprehensive tracking policy and system.

Adesola shares:

"We just used Google Sheets, so we had a big gigantic Google Sheet report document where we update reports on deliveries, complaints, orders, sales, all of that, and there was someone updating those things. We still use Google Sheets, but now we use Google Sheets in conjunction with Beam."

The implementation of Beam has provided TwentySix with a more structured and comprehensive approach to employee engagement, accountability, and performance tracking, bridging the gap and addressing the limitations of their previous informal methods.

"Using Beam has made us dig deeper into what we need to be monitoring and tracking. We never had a very deep tracking policy. Now, with Beam, we have a deep system to track."

Aligning Ambitions & Streamlining Objectives with Beam's Clarity

Since implementing Beam at TwentySix there has been a positive impact on the overall business performance and results. Adesola emphasizes that the primary effect of Beam is not solely due to the software itself but rather the actions and mindset it encourages. The process of using Beam necessitates setting goals and breaking them down into measurable results, which has led to several tangible improvements within the company.

Adesola states:

"Yes, I've observed positive impacts. However, it's essential to understand that it isn’t just the software responsible for these outcomes. It's the actions and effort you can invest because you are using the software."

One significant improvement is the development of a quality control handbook, which now sits in the office. This handbook was created in response to the goal of keeping customer complaints at zero. Adesola highlights that various aspects such as check-ins and random checks are after having a clear goal in mind. The presence of goals has prompted the company to implement several tools and processes to ensure their achievement.

"So it is not the check-ins. I mean, those are important, but those are the things that come after. It's knowing that we have this goal. So there are several things to do to achieve them."

- Adesola, the founder of TwentySix.

By focusing on goals and tracking results, TwentySix has been able to identify areas of improvement and address performance gaps. The conscious effort to track and measure success has resulted in tangible improvements across different aspects of the business, such as quality control and social media management. Beam has played a pivotal role in enabling the company to have a clearer understanding of employee performance and take necessary actions to drive progress.

Elevating Employee Engagement with Beam

One of the specific features that TwentySix has found valuable in Beam is the mood feature. Adesola expresses her liking for the feature and highlights its significance. The mood feature allows employees to express their feelings and emotions privately, rather than discussing them in a general call. This creates a safe space for individuals to open up and share their concerns more freely. She shares an example of how the mood feature helped her gain insights into an employee’s fatigue and understand the impact of certain tasks on her well-being.

Adesola states:

"I like the mood feature. I think it's a very subtle way to give insights into how your staff may be feeling and how they are coping with their role."

This feature enables her to be more aware of her team members' emotional states and consider how certain tasks or responsibilities may affect them. It has prompted her to make adjustments and find ways to alleviate any burdens or challenges her employees may face. The mood feature acts as a valuable tool for enhancing employee well-being and ensuring a supportive work environment.

Powering Performance: Fostering Growth and Improvement through Beam

Beam has not only brought about a shift in performance tracking but has also had a profound psychological effect on employee performance at TwentySix. According to Adesola, there are two significant aspects to this change. Firstly, the knowledge that they (the employees) will be held accountable and have to answer for their actions creates a sense of consciousness. This accountability instils a sense of purpose and motivates them to work towards specific objectives assigned to them. This psychological shift leads to employees settling into their roles and becoming more effective in their tasks.

Adesola further explains that this psychological effect extends beyond the employees themselves. Even as a leader, she had not previously considered the importance of breaking down objectives into measurable goals and involving the team in the process. With Beam, the entire team becomes aware of the shared responsibility of achieving company goals, and each employee understands their contribution towards those goals. This shared responsibility has relieved some burdens as she no longer has to solely chase after these goals but can rely on the team's active participation.

Adesola shares:

"There's a psychology to it, even with me. Now they know that this is what we are all trying to achieve as a company, and this is your contribution to achieving that goal. It has taken some burden off me as opposed to me trying to run after those goals. It's now a shared responsibility for the entire team."


The implementation of Beam at TwentySix has proven to be a transformative journey, revolutionizing their approach to employee engagement, accountability, and performance tracking. Beam has brought about remarkable changes, both functionally and psychologically, within the organization. By fostering a culture of goal-oriented clarity, empowering employees with a sense of accountability, and providing robust tracking tools, Beam has propelled TwentySix towards new heights of success. The company has witnessed tangible improvements in various areas, such as quality control, revenue orders, and overall business performance.

With Beam, TwentySix has unlocked its potential, allowing them to move forward with confidence, efficiency, and a renewed focus on excellence. As they continue to leverage the power of Beam, the future looks brighter than ever for TwentySix.

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