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Enhancing Performance with Beam: A Case Study of Engage

A case study conversation with:
July 2023
Ini at Engage
Business Operations Lead, Engage
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Streamlining Performance Management with Beam

Inioluwa, the Operations Lead at Engage, reflected on the company's previous approach to employee engagement and performance management. Prior to adopting Beam, Engage relied on manual methods, where individuals set their own goals and strategies for achieving company objectives.

Inioluwa mentioned,

"Each person gets to know whatever it is that is required of them that month or that quota. And some of them even suggest what they want to do or what they want to bring on board, or a new idea or a new strategy towards achieving the general company objective."

However, this process lacked proper tracking and documentation, leading to challenges in evaluating performance and accountability. In an effort to improve their performance management, she explained that they tried having the manager set goals for the team members. While this offered some benefits, it was still stressful and challenging to keep track of everyone's progress. There was no centralized system or track record of employee goals and achievements. The absence of a reliable tool for performance management prompted Engage to seek a better solution.

Engage mainly relied on Google Sheets for recording and presenting numbers, particularly for individuals like group leaders and account executives. However, there was no comprehensive platform for managing employee goals and progress. The absence of such a tool meant that performance management was largely based on oral reports and presentations during monthly meetings.

Inioluwa recognized the need for a more efficient and transparent performance management system, and Beam seemed to offer the ideal solution. By implementing Beam, Engage aimed to streamline its performance management processes, ensure accountability, and provide a clear and centralized platform to track employee goals and achievements. With Beam's capabilities, Engage was poised to take its performance management from a manual approach to a more data-driven, effective, and organised system.

Enhancing Performance Management with Beam

Beam provided Engage with a track record and centralized platform for performance data, which was crucial for assessing business growth, attracting potential investors, and making informed decisions for the company's future.

One of the most significant improvements with Beam was the increased accountability among team members. Inioluwa explained that having a track record of goals and achievements gave employees a greater sense of responsibility. They were now more aware that their appraisals, promotions, and salary increases depended on their performance, leading to a more focused and dedicated workforce.

Performance management at Engage was also significantly streamlined with Beam's features such as goals and check-ins. Previously, Engage relied on manual methods like Stand Up Notes on Slack, which often led to redundancies and extra effort. The introduction of Beam allowed team members to seamlessly submit check-ins and track their progress, eliminating the need for manual reporting and making the process more structured and efficient.

Inioluwa identified four key benefits that Beam brought to Engage's performance management:



Responsibility; and

Track record keeping.

Beam's existence aligned with Engage's overall purpose and proved to be highly beneficial for the organization. She also acknowledged that Beam had a personal effect on her managerial skills. With Beam's organized platform, she no longer needed to manually chase team members for information or updates. She mentioned,

"Personally, it has helped me with my managerial skills. It has also helped me in being able to articulate my displeasure when things are not how they are supposed to be."

Beam facilitated better communication with team members and allowed her to address issues without resorting to the previously jokingly "scratch your face" approach.

Furthermore, being the person responsible for managing Beam at the organization, Inioluwa took the opportunity to build stronger relationships with her team. She encouraged open communication and made herself available for any Beam-related issues or concerns, which further enhanced human relations within the company.

Inioluwa expressed immense satisfaction with how Beam revolutionized Engage's performance management practices. Beam’s ability to instil accountability, provide structure, and facilitate seamless tracking of goals and achievements has contributed significantly to the company's success and growth.

Leveraging Key Features of Beam for Productive Work Processes

Inioluwa highlighted two key features of Beam that have significantly improved their work processes and employee performance. The first feature she emphasized was the automatic end date for Goals. She expressed her satisfaction with this functionality as it eliminates the possibility of manipulation by team members. Once an objective reaches its end date, it automatically ends, leaving no room for delayed updates. Inioluwa noted that this feature fosters accountability and encourages team members to take ownership of their responsibilities. She explained,

"People should not only be praised for doing what is right but they should also be held accountable when they do what is wrong. By the time they realize they didn't update an objective before it ended, they will sit up and realize that they need to do better."

The second feature that Inioluwa praised was the check-ins functionality. Prior to using Beam, Engage used to rely on manual Stand Up Notes on Slack, which was not always efficient. However, with the introduction of check-ins, team members now have a streamlined and structured way of reporting their progress. Inioluwa mentioned that the check-ins feature has personally impacted team members positively, demonstrating a higher level of responsibility and dedication to their work. By instilling these values in their daily routines, the check-ins feature contributes not only to their performance at Engage but also prepares them for better professional relationships outside the organization.

Identifying Areas of Improvement with Beam

Beam's data-driven approach has been instrumental in assessing performance gaps and helping team members understand where they can improve. For example, if someone has a target to send out 400 cold emails in a month but falls short of the goal, Beam provides the necessary data to analyze the situation.

Inioluwa also highlighted the importance of providing specific details when updating values on Beam. For instance, when team members report a customer sign-up, she encourages them to include additional information about the sign-up. This level of detail helps the management team understand the context behind the numbers, enabling more informed decision-making.

Inioluwa stated,

"It makes my work easy when I see it; let me be able to understand what you're talking about. Not just tell me the numbers, but provide specifics. If there was an increase in search impressions and clicks, let us know what caused it—was it regular blog posting or an ad campaign? Being specific helps us better comprehend the impact of certain actions."


Through Beam, Engage has gained a deeper understanding of performance metrics, allowing them to make data-driven decisions and optimize their strategies. The platform's focus on clear and comprehensive reporting empowers the team to take proactive steps towards improvement and growth. By leveraging the insights provided by Beam, Engage has enhanced their performance management processes, streamlined decision-making, and fostered a culture of continuous improvement among its team members.

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