Leading One-On-One Meetings: Best-Kept Practices

This eBook provides a comprehensive guide on conducting effective one-on-one meetings, which are crucial for building strong work relationships and enhancing team productivity. It emphasises the importance of these meetings in fostering open communication, providing feedback, and brainstorming solutions to problems. The book outlines several best practices drawn from successful leaders and organizations, such as Deloitte and Microsoft, advocating for frequent and well-structured meetings to ensure alignment and encourage professional growth among team members.

Key practices include active listening, being fully present, minimising judgment, and being decisive. The guide also offers practical tips on organizing meetings, such as considering time differences, setting clear agendas, and choosing appropriate locations. Additionally, it provides a list of 25 targeted questions to help managers engage more deeply with team members and concludes with strategies for making meetings more effective using the PeopleBeam platform, which facilitates scheduling, task management, and performance reviews.

By applying the strategies outlined in this eBook, leaders can conduct vibrant and effective one-on-one meetings that motivate team members, clarify goals, and drive organisational success.

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